Discriminated employees tell employment law firm Urba Law PLLC they called because:

1. So many former clients post positive, on-line reviews.

2. Almost 60 YouTube videos available at Employment Law Reality Check.

3. All potential clients receive a free, initial telephone conference. Some even offer to pay for suggestions at the end of conferences. The firm handles nothing but employment law matters statewide in New York. If an employee’s claim has no or close to nuisance value most employees would rather not pay hundreds for an office consultation. Accident injury victims often recover some money. Many unfairly terminated employees recover nothing at all, especially those who worked “at will”. Personal injury law and employment law are not the same. 

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Former clients write these reviews. Results speak for themselves although many are confidential as clients can now choose. 

Urba Law PLLC occasionally represents small employers. It helps the firm avoid tunnel vision. Some of the most skilled employment lawyers handle both sides to stay objective and to maintain the highest standards. They often get the best results. Challenging issues are spotted sooner to avert irreversible disasters. Employment law claims rarely stay the same. They either get better or worse with time.

COVID-19 changed the way some firms practice law. Many areas of law still require in-person, initial conferences. Employment law does not. We have saved clients, employees, and even small employers substantial time and money with telephone and virtual conferences. The initial, no-charge phone consultation is probably here to stay. Which potential client or lawyer wants the distractions, and sometimes unintended manipulation, inherent with in-person conferences? Phone conferences facilitate asking more direct and sometimes tougher questions.

We do request documents like pay stubs and performance evaluations. But potential, discriminated employees are not wasting time watching us review those documents. Conferences are for talking. Discriminated employees have more time to interview more potential legal representatives on the phone. When we identify compelling facts, empathy becomes obvious.  We try not to waste your time because we know you don’t want to waste ours. Sometimes the best questions are the more challenging ones to answer. Employment law includes many nuances. It’s about organizational behavior. It focuses on humans motivated by discriminatory animus. It’s about human behavior and motivation. What do you want? Did anyone ask you whether it was more than monetary recovery?

If you and Urba Law PLLC become client-lawyer, the firm will invest the time and research for the best recovery. All potential litigation matters must be prepared as if they will proceed to trial. The importance of facts can not be overstated. And the documents to prove those facts are critically important. Suspecting discrimination is not enough. The firm, with your help, must develop a plausible theory to prove discrimination and must then draft a compelling story supported by facts to proceed. Please don’t proceed to trial pro se, without a lawyer, unless that is your last resort, especially in federal court.

Urba Law PLLC focuses on:

  • Race discrimination at work
  • Gender or sex discrimination, including unequal pay and hostile workplaces
  • Disability discrimination at work
  • Noncompetition agreements and trade secrets
  • Severance agreements

Serving clients in Buffalo, Manhattan, Westchester, Poughkeepsie, Newburgh, Niagara Falls, Syracuse, Lake Placid, Oswego, Rochester, Binghamton, Lake Champlain, Oneonta, Ithaca, Schenectady, Plattsburgh, Orange, Dutchess, Erie, Livingston, Essex, Clinton, and all places in between, including greater New York City. One of almost 60 YouTube videos discusses why calling employment lawyers when you still have a job or as soon as possible is always the best choice:

Video transcript:

“I’m Jonas Urba, a New York employment lawyer, here with Employment Law Reality Check. When is the best time to contact an employment lawyer? That question is a lot different for personal injury, divorce, and all different types of law. But for employment law, the earlier, the sooner you call, the better. Why is that? If you’ve already been fired, a good employment lawyer will be asking you some very, very difficult questions about the facts that led to your termination. You either had a breach of contract, some type of employment contract, that’s pretty rare. Not very many employees, except union employees, have contracts. And the second type of claim is going to be some kind of discrimination claim. And you need facts to prove a plausible theory of discrimination. So many employees have not actually thought this through while they were still working. If you call the employment lawyer early, that employment lawyer can be in the background, helping you to acquire those facts, to acquire the evidence, to acquire sufficient proof, or at least a theory of proof, while you are still on the job and accessing documents that you may not be able to access once you’re terminated. So if you call an employment lawyer soon or as soon as you sense trouble, hopefully when you’re on a PIP, a performance improvement plan, or you sense something going wrong. That’s the best time to call because a lot of what we do is not in the courtroom. It’s not waiting for the lawsuit. We’re actually trying to help employees early on before they get fired. And sometimes the goal is just to save your job. Other times it’s to try to save your job but if that doesn’t work to have an alternative option B. Most employees are going to need an employment lawyer to help them through the process, no matter how bright, no matter how intelligent the employee is. It really does help to talk with an employment lawyer and help you through that whole process. So call sooner than later. Call employment lawyers. You can call me. I’m Jonas Urba, I serve the entire state of New York. I can be reached at (212) 731-4776 or at www.UrbaEmploymentLaw.com. Call employment lawyers. Attorney advertising. And call early.”

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