COVID-19 has cash strapped some employers. But best practices during the pandemic do not have to cost much to protect employers from employment discrimination claims. COVID-19 caught everyone off guard. Smart businesses recognize how potentially deadly the virus is. Here is how they respond. Be sincere and honest. You expect employees to be loyal to… Read More

Settlement Terms and Agreements are generally drafted by employment lawyers, not courts. The Second Circuit admits that many overtime cases are less than $20,000 in spite of federal law which requires federal judges to conduct fairness reviews to compare the amount of attorneys’ fees being paid versus how much clients receive.  Federal courts in the… Read More

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Domestic worker who was not paid overtime alleged a hostile workplace. A domestic worker, “live-in nanny” and full-time student alleged not being paid 1 1/2 times her normal wage rate for regularly working 44 hours per week. She was denied 1 rest day every 7 days, was not paid for 3 rest days each year,… Read More

I’m Jonas Urba, a New York employment lawyer, here with Employment Law Reality Check. What are some signs that you might not have been paid all of the wages which you are owed; that you are owed some overtime pay? If your paystub doesn’t make any sense, if you can’t find your overtime hours, or… Read More