New York Employment Lawyer Jonas Urba Discusses Wrongful Termination.

Jonas Urba, a New York employment lawyer, here with Employment Law Reality Check. Do I have a case for employment discrimination? This question comes up all of the time. Ask yourself three questions. First, were you illegally fired and not just wrongfully fired? Next, what law was broken? Often times it’s either the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, or the New York State Human Rights Law (NYS HRL). And then finally, ask yourself how will you prove your case? Direct evidence, as the Supreme Court tells us, is rarely there for employment discrimination cases. Most employment discrimination cases are proven with circumstantial evidence and that’s not easy to prove. Call some employment lawyers. Call me. I serve the entire state of New York and can be reached at (212) 731-4776. Jonas Urba, Attorney Advertising.






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