NY personnel files excluding government or union are private

I’m Jonas Urba, a New York employment lawyer here with Employment Law Reality Check. Talking to you about performance evaluations and personnel files. It’s about that time of year when your employer is going to evaluate you. If there is something in your performance evaluation that is not completely accurate make sure you add to it in the comments or explanation section. If you have not at least met or exceeded expectations ask your supervisor for suggestions of how you can do better and make sure to keep a copy of your performance evaluation. In New York State private employers have no obligation and no law that requires them to provide you with a copy of your personnel file. If you work for the government or are a union employee you may have access to your personnel file, otherwise you don’t. If you have any questions about this you should contact an employment lawyer sooner rather than later. Sometimes we can help you if we are involved early. Call employment lawyers. Call me. I serve the entire state of New York, I’m Jonas Urba and I can be reached at (212) 731-4776. Attorney Advertising.







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